Preparing Windswept IV for Summer Storage in Florida

Hull and Deck:

  1. Wash thoroughly with fresh water. Wax if time.
  2. Scrub dodger and bimini and make any repairs necessary. Remove and store inside the vessel.
  3. Scrub cockpit cushions and stow belowdecks.
  4. Put sun awning in place over spinnaker pole and boom. Secure by sewing and tying down. Use old beer foamies to protect edges of solar panels.
  5. Cover all vents with bug screen. Stuff screen or rags in thru hull openings to keep out critters.


  1. Dispose of bulk food stuffs ie flour, rice etc as it will get buggy over the summer.
  2. Wash dishes and pots with lots of HOT water
  3. Wipe down stove and turn OFF propane.
  4. Clean and empty defrosted frig and freezer. Wipe out with vinegar and leave frig open.
  5. Store all canned goods in Rubbermaid tote. DO NOT KEEP CARBONATED BEVERAGES OVER THE SUMMER. They will burst.
  6. Dispose of open bottles of condiments.
  7. Put bay leaves in ziplock with pasta to prevent bugs.
  8. Dispose of any chocolate chips as they go chalky in the heat.
  9. Empty water tanks before haul-out. Inspect and clean as necessary
  10. Clean all strainers. Engine, toilet, frig, watermaker

Sails and Rigging:

  1. Wash sails, if possible, at dock.
  2. Remove sails and inspect. Make any repairs necessary.
  3. Remove battens from main and store belowdecks.
  4. Fold sails and stow below.
  5. Remove sheets, wash, dry and stow.
  6. Attach both genoa halyards at the first stanchion on either side to help support rig during haul-out.
  7. Remove and secure forestay just before haul-out.


  1. Clean and disassemble.
  2. Repair any leaks.
  3. Fold and stow on foredeck.
  4. Stow paddles below.

Outboard and Generator:

  1. Change engine oil in both.
  2. Run both out of fuel.
  3. Flush outboard with fresh water. ( we do it in a bucket of water in cockpit)
  4. Lock outboard to the rail and cover with tarp.

Main Engine:

  1. Change engine oil.
  2. Change transmission oil.
  3. Fill 5 gal pair with fresh water to flush through main engine after haul-out.
  4. Remove exhaust hose and seal manifold with plastic.
  5. Remove glow plugs and install rust inhibitor.
  6. Top off fuel tank and install biocide/conditioner

Main Cabin:

  1. Put all books in ziplock bags.
  2. Wipe all wood surfaces with vinegar solution.
  3. Unplug TV
  4. Pull batteries out of all flashlights, remote controls, smoke alarm etc and store separately in ziplock bag.
  5. Leave access ports to lockers open.
  6. Wash bilge and dry completely.
  7. Remove speed impellor and cover hole with screening. Do not replace with plug.
  8. Wipe down all tools with WD-40.
  9. Spray cans of paint should be stored in ziplocks as they can burst with high temperatures.

Nav Station:

  1. Remove electronics – GPS, Radar, Pactor, HF radio etc and store in roughtote.
  2. Disconnect wiring at the base of the mast.
  3. Remove face plate from AM/FM.
  4. Disable ground circuit.
  5. Remove Link 10 and store.
  6. Leave bilge pump on Automatic.
  7. Connect all batteries together.
  8. Leave solar panels to charge.
  9. Turn off wind generator electrically.
  10. Fully charge and equalize batteries before haul-out. Remove ground from charger/inverter

Bug and Mildew Preventatives:

  1. Diegas bags can be found at Walgreens. They are Sunpac and are a mildewcide. Get lots as they are cheap.
  2. Buy Boric Acid Powder at the Dollar Store and put lots out on plastic plates. Any roaches will eat this and DIE.
  3. Also purchase No Pest strips and hang.
  4. I also put up fly strips as any bugs in food will hatch and can be caught by these.
  5. I also buy ant traps and mouse traps and leave around on the floor.

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