At this page, we will try to list some links that you may find interesting.

Maps and Regional Information:

  • about the Abacos, a string of Bahamian islands.
  • is a great page for tracking people’s location.


  • Craig Nathanson has written a book about achieving your “perfect day”. Since that time, he has included our story on his website.
  • “Making Waves” by Libby Brown is a book which is highly recommended by Murray and Heather. She wrote a very interesting book about taking risks and describing the three phases of their life.

Other Boaters:

Modes of Communication:

  • Winlink is a method of sending and receiving email through HF (HAM) radio.
  • The Pocketmail is a portable email device which can be used on any phone including payphones.
  • is a good source of free email access.

C&C Information:

  • The C&C Photo Album has lots of pictures and other information about past C&C products, including the 40 aft cabin design.
  • C&C Sailing Association is a group which has information and links to other owners of C&C boats.
  • C&C Yachts is the current manufacturer of C&C sailboats.

Organizations and Businesses:

If you have some good links, please forward them to and I will add them.

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