Wind And Waves

Hello from Windy Staniel Cay

We did manage to get further south a couple of times, down to Black Point and Little Bay beyond. In Little Bay, we have friends ashore, Doug & Jean in a castle named, appropriately, Sandcastle and Frank & Peg in a pink house called O’Brien’s Landing. Peg had gone to the US for a few days and her purse was stolen, containing her passport, credit cards etc. Thus she was still in the US and we didn’t have a chance to meet up with her. But, Doug & Jean hosted a potluck one evening and a great time was had by all.

Of course, the wind doesn’t allow us to remain at Black Point very long. A day or so, here and there is all we can usually get. Just long enough to do laundry at Ida’s Rockside Laundry, the prettiest laundry in the Bahamas! And the cleanest! It is expensive but so much easier than doing laundry in a bucket. Sheets and towels are almost impossible to wash in a bucket.

Our friends on Merlin have headed north as they need to be at their son’s graduation by mid March. We were sorry to see them leave but have acquired another newbie already. Resolve, with Mike and Debbie aboard, are following us from place to place and have no agenda. Debbie was very nervous snorkelling but, after some time spent together on a shallow beach, we were able to show her some of the beautiful underwater scenery.

The game plan, once this current period of wind calms slightly, is to head north to Spanish Wells. There we will show Mike and Debbie the sights and introduce them to friends ashore. When the weather allows, we will make our way north into the Abacos, hopefully before mid March. And then, ultimately, to the US near the first of April.

So, the bow is turning north once again as this, our eighteenth winter aboard, is winding down. But, there is no time to be sad as the locals are having a cookout ashore today, with crafts and goodies to sell. Grab some shoes and a hat and jump into the dinghy as the party awaits!

That too is life aboard.

Heather & Murray

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  1. It sounds so familiar, especially when we were the newbies. Hope the weather cooperates for the northbound crossings. Safe sailing!

    Bob and Jane

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