Travels with Murray Part 1

It was a bit of a rush job but we got there. The motorhome came back to our home in Tillsonburg  on Tuesday, July 11th, in the afternoon after being a cottage for family in the Port Burwell Provincial Park for a week. Final laundry done, clothes packed. If this enough? Okay add these shorts and another shirt or two. Empty the big frig in the house into the small one in the motorhome, plus freezer stuff. Better bring the cheque book. Pull the garlic plants, pick peppers and rhubarb. Grab some books both print ones and digital. Double check the list. Triple check the list. I think that we are ready! We left our house on Thursday afternoon! 

That day we went all of 50 km! All the way to the farm. And it was a good thing because we found the first of our soon-to-be many issues. The new radio was showing the cameras when right or left signal was on or if the motorhome was in reverse. But, not today. No picture, no how. I spent quite a while on the phone with JVC tech service who decided that the VS-41 switcher, that we had installed to make the cameras work with the new radio, had failed. They would replace it on warranty but it would take 4-5 days. And we leave tomorrow! 

So, Murray again pulled the radio out of the dash and, after some poking around, we discovered a disconnected power wire. Eureka! Re-connected and cameras work! 

After some stress-relieving liquids and a lovely dinner provided by Barb and George,  we collapsed into our bunk, ready for tomorrow’s departure.

What could possibly go wrong next you might ask yourself? Stay tuned for the next episode. 

Hugs from

Heather & Murray

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