Blow ye winds, heigh ho!

I am not sure how many times that I have said it this winter, but we are pinned down by high winds once again!! For the last seven days, it has blown 20 to 25 plus and higher at night. It sure is good for the batteries as the wind generator howls non stop. But, we go stir crazy. It is possible to leave the boat, but we would get wet with salt water spray. And the air is too cool to wear bathing suits. So, here we sit.

I am baking bread and Murray is doing laundry. Laundry is quite a process aboard, as you can imagine. We put water in three buckets. One has soap added, the next two have vinegar added to act as a fabric softener and to remove soap. He uses a new, clean toilet plungerto agitate the clothes and, hopefully, get them clean. Then, into the rinse buckets. He strings a line between the shrouds and the forestay and the wet clothes are attached to that. Securely, we hope for, as you already know, the wind is honking! Today they will beat themselves dry. But the sun is shining and they should smell better.

You may wonder why we bother to do laundry aboard. Well, in the closest port ( 15 miles away ) it costs $3.75 per load. That is to wash. Then the same to dry. So, whenever we can, we do it by hand. Of course, towels and sheets need a machine or at least a much bigger bucket! Boy, do I envy Gramma Bartlett with her wringer that clamped on the end of her washing tub.

The bread just came out of the oven and it is a beautiful sight. Whole wheat, nicely risen and browned. But, I am almost at the end of my supplies. One more packet of yeast, perhaps enough flour for one more baking. Cupboards are almost bare. If the wind doesn’t slow down soon, we may have to eat Kraft Dinner!

Still hope to reach the US before month end. But….. who knows.

Stay well, all of you. And write.

Hugs, Murray & Heather