Message for website

Hello everyone,

It has been a while since our last message and we are now in Killarney at Killarney Mountain Lodge, hard at work as the dockmasters.

In case you have never travelled Georgian Bay, I will attempt to describe what we see each day from the Boathouse.

The water in the channel is quite green in colour and very clear. Current driven by the wind keeps the water flowing with varying speed past our docks. The southern side of the channel, the George Island side, is mostly high pink granite cliffs covered with pine forests. A few cottages or camps peek out amongst the trees.

This side of the channel is the town of Killarney. Three hundred residents stay here year round. But, in summer the population swells with tourists on boats or visiting by car. The fish and chips sold from the school bus on the dock is world famous and the lines of hungry tourists often stretch out a ways. It sure is worth waiting for, but I must admit we go there before and after the big crowds of summer.

The Pittfield’s General Store carries most anything you need to make your meals complete and even rent videos to pass your time. An adjacent laundromat is also very handy.

The Quarterdeck carries gifts and treasures galore. Channel Marina next door, has scoop ice cream. Across the street, is a small pizza place.Killarney Marine and Rigging, next along, can repair most any inboard engine problem and carries some basic marine supplies. Gateway Marina, further to the west, serves breakfast and makes subs and sandwiches, along with renting dock space.

Sportsman’s Inn is a very large, very old two story building. There is a tiny but busy bar and a dining room downstairs. Rooms are still available to rent upstairs. The marina at the Sportsman’s has the majority of the docks in town, with slips on both town side and George Island side. A water taxi, Tinkerbelle, goes back and forth.

There are several other businesses in town, including a bank and the LCBO, 2 bed and breakfast spots and a couple of campgrounds.

Today, while sitting and writing this note, I was watching out the doorway towards the channel. I spotted a black object bobbing in the water. Looking more closely, I realized that it was a bear! It swam across from the mainland side and climbed up on the rocks on George Island. It was huge!! Hopefully, it doesn’t get into any of the camps.

Well, that is the bear/bare facts of our view from the docks. Further notes to follow soon.

Heather & Murray hard aground