Hello All!

What a beautiful summery day it is here in Killarney! Blue sky and sparkling waters. Mmmmm, nice.

Our arrival here was planned for Sunday afternoon, May 29th. The Volvo breathed a huge sigh of relief as the trunk, back seat and roof top carrier were emptied out. What a pile of stuff we carried with us.

The last month we spent traveling and visiting friends and family. If we missed seeing you, I apologize and will try to make up for it in the fall. But, it was super to catch up with all of the news and events of the past winter and to re-new old acquaintances.

We spent some time with Murray’s family in Woodstock, helping finish up the estate details. Linda and Kuyler, in London, required cat/house sitters for a couple of weeks and that worked perfectly for us. A whole house to ourselves!

From London, we moved on to Sarnia for a visit with cruisers, Brian and Kathy from s/v Tundra. Their current cruising ground is Venezuala and the neighbouring islands.

The next stop was Gravenhurst where we picked up my Mom and took her with us to Dunrobin and her yearly great-grandson fix. There we spent most of a week enjoying time with Jeremy, Cynthia and, of course, Matthew.

A few days were spent in Gravenhurst, completing Mom’s “honey-do” list and planting her flower pots. My sister, Karyn, arrived back from her busy work schedule and she and Lou fed us two scrumptious meals. And then it was time to go.

The cabin was in great shape, as it had been cleaned by our new dock staff. We stashed all of our clothes, etc and made it to dinner on time.

In the morning, we met all of our new dock staff. Mostly female again, with one other male to save Mur from being the only one. They seem like a great group. Now to find something for them to do all day for the next month, until the boats arrive.

So, you know where to find us from now on. The telephone number here is 705-287-2242 and ask for the Boat House.

Hugs, Heather & Murray

PS We have just been filmed for a TV commercial for KML. So, if you see the ad, keep your eyes peeled for recognizable faces.