End of June

Hello everyone,

June is almost a memory now and July looms ahead of us. But where is our summer weather?

Here it has been very cool, dare I say downright cold. And I understand that this is not unique to our area. Everywhere in Ontario people are experiencing cool weather. But we even had frost the other day! The flowers were not affected though.

A few boats are showing up now and again. By ones and twos they are appearing. Our biggest night so far consisted of 5 boats. But that will change very shortly. School is out everywhere and our reservations are starting to come in. By July 8th, we are cramming them in as we have a large group of enormous yachts in from Ohio for 3 days. And then the Great Lakes Cruising Club rendezvous takes place here from the 11th to 15th of July.

We have lost one of our staff already. She was planning to move to Victoria with her boyfriend who is in the Canadian Navy. But the move was to be in the fall. However, it was changed to June and, if she wanted the military to pay for her move, she had to leave right away. We miss Lacey but understand. A new girl is starting this week and will have to be trained quickly.

A couple of sailboats heading south have stopped by recently and we dredged up some Bahamas stories to entertain them. We have exchanged boat cards and made plans to meet in the islands in the future. Should be fun. They are spending the summer in the North Channel and then heading to the Erie Barge Canal, Hudson River and beyond. That was our initial plan for the summer of our departure but we never got to cruise the North Channel. Perhaps some day in the future, when we get tired of the sunny south.

So, as you can see, not much is happening here. Stay in touch and we will try to do the same.

Hugs, Heather & Murray