Position Report

Hi Guys,

We are still in Vero Beach at Grand Harbour Marina. It is a golf-condo complex that is full of beautiful homes and gardens. If we must be stopped for a while this is wonderful. Jeff and Heather Vandyke have loaned us a little car so that we can get around. And the weather has been very warm- 70’s or 80’s. We went to the beach and swam on Christmas Day!

Jeremy was down for just over a week at Christmas. It was great to see him again and to show him the dolphins and even the manatees. He was lucky enough to see both. And he laughed out loud just the same as we do, when the pelicans crash into the sea.It was a good visit. The Meyer family included us in all of their celebrations. So we had quite a family around for the holidays!

Right now we are awaiting the news on the engine. Murray, with Jeremy, Jeff and Fred’s help, pulled the engine out during the holidays. The shop just started to tear it down on Monday. There is a lot of wear on most of the parts. But everything is covered with a gooey sludge. When our engine overheated 2 years ago, the oil turned into sludge and plugged up the engine. The oil that was put in later didn’t do its job of lubricating. So….. we may have to replace the engine. Should hear the word on the repair estimate by Friday.

Since all we can do is sit and worry about the situation, we decided to see the country. Murray’s cousin drove over from Ft Meade to pick us up and then took us to St Pete’s area where George is (Murray’s brother). We are staying here for three days and seeing the sights here. Yesterday we played in the huge waves of the Gulf of Mexico! And I have the gravel rash to prove it! One of the waves threw me like a rag doll and I landed on my knees. But it was fun and I went back for more. Even convinced George, Andrea and George’s friends Gayle and Muray to go into the water.

Today George is going to take us on a tour of the hot spots. The weather is quite overcast and it is not a beach day. Yet anyway. It can change in just a few minutes from cloudy to sunny.Or visa versa.And rain out of a sky that seems cloudless!

When we get the engine back ( probably not for 2 more weeks ) we will head on south and over to the Bahamas. We hope ! We will have to wait for a weather window and that may take some time.

All the best to everyone. We will keep in touch.

Heather & Murray Rand
aboard Windswept IV
Ham Radio VE3 ZUA