Hello everyone,

We got some good news last week – the engine is repairable! And will cost less than a replacement! That was good to hear. But the dollar stays very low so it will still be very expensive. I have to put in a call to our investment guy to transfer more money to our account! That is what it is there for, I guess.

Murray has been working on all sorts of projects. He is so far down the list of jobs now, that he is doing teak! He hates sanding and varnishing, so that is the bottom of the list. We had hoped to explore more of Vero Beach this week, but he worked too much and we didn’t get anywhere. Except a movie – Full Monty. Very funny.

We could have an engine back in the boat by the end of this week or the first of the following one. Then sea trials begin – a couple of days of motoring around here. Then we can go!!! The end is in sight – we are not spending the winter in Vero Beach!

Mostly I spend my time writing e-mail, cooking and cleaning, sending e-mail, reading, shopping and chatting with other boaters. Murray helped the boater next to us on Monday and they took us out for dinner in re-payment. That was great. They live here in the complex. Then on Thursday another boater took us out sailing with him. It was blowing 30 knots and we just sailed up and down the waterway. It was good to get out on the water again and he appreciated having someone on board who knew what to do. So, we haven’t just been working. On Wednesday, we took some friends to the grocery and hardware stores. They are moored in the municipal marina and the stores are quite a ways away. And, luckily, we have been loaned a car.

Today is sunny but cool here – should get up to low 70’s in the sun. But the sun shines! That is what I missed in the winters back home – sunshine. We are going over to Jeff and Heather’s house so Murray and Jeff can work on the little car. They are replacing the timing belt. I will be able to send e-mail while I am there and answer anything that comes in.

Well, I hope everyone up north is well and avoiding the flu bugs. We have been very well – not even a cold! We are not in close contact with as many people as before, I guess. Or maybe this sunshine is doing something more than wrinkling my skin!

Take care everyone, and remember spring will be there soon!


Heather & Murray Rand
aboard Windswept IV
Ham Radio VE3 ZUA