Where In The World Are They?

Well, we are in the Chesapeake and we made it before July 1st. We had a mini Canada Day here in Hampton. We had a corn roast and blew our conch horns loudly. I am sure the boats around us wondered what was up.

We rented a car here and traveled to several marinas to se the facilities and check out prices. We have narrowed the selection to just two or three. The two boats will sail to the York River Monday and get final engine replacement price from them. ( For Tundra, the other boat ) If that is close to other quotes, we have found our spot. If not, we will sail on to the Rappohanak (? sp) River and Yankee Point Marina there. Then, clean, polish, empty and pack. Then figure out a way to get home.

But, we still must be there before the end of July for drug plan and dentist coverage.

By the way, Hampton is a lovely place to visit. The dock master is very friendly to anchored boats and there is a $0.25 trolley which will take you all over the city to shopping and West Marine. That is the plan for later today – ride the trolley.

Last night there were fireworks here and live music ashore. We joined in the celebrations and flew all our flags – provincial, yacht club, etc.

We will be giving more definite dates when we find the marina and get things settled. As the time comes closer, I feel funny about deserting our home. But we have things we must take care of in Ontario.

Take care everyone and we will be in touch

Heather & Murray Rand
aboard Windswept IV
Ham Radio VE3 ZUA