September’s Windy Weather

Hello everyone,

Well, as usual our timing is impeccable! We have been back here at the boat for about a week and the work was going very well. Some of the parts had arrived and some required picking up, but they were going back in. Then……. the TV starts mentioning a big wind called Floyd. So, we took the canvas off, tied everything down, filled water tanks, got food supplies and prepared as best we could. According to local weather gurus, the eye was expected to pass very close to us. Luckily, that didn’t happen.

It did rain for 2 days and the winds yesterday peaked at approx 50 knots, with gust above that. Boats at anchor dragged somewhat, but were undamaged. We spent the day in a room here at the marina as I was not sure about staying aboard during the highest winds. Flooding has been the major problem in the area with thousands without drinking water. The ground had already been saturated by the previous hurricane Dennis.

Now there is Gert!!! But, it looks as though it will not arrive in the US. So, should not be a problem. We will certainly keep an eye on it though.

Our visit to Ontario was wonderful. We spent a lot of time with both of our moms, a weekend with Jeremy and several sails and visits with Steve. Our good friend Linda Crossley once again allowed us to stay in ” the dorm”. Time passed very quickly and we did not manage to see everyone, of course. Purchasing a car made it much easier to get around and allowed us to take a meandering trip back to the boat. We visited John & Kristin ( Shivaree ) in Guelph, then Marcel & Karen ( Southern Cross ) in Oakville and from there went to Astabula, OH for the long weekend. It had been two years since we had seen any of the AYC crew and we spent many hours catching up.

Once we launch the boat, the plan is to head south quickly. Steve graduates from college on Nov 5th and it is very important for us to be there for that. We will leave the car here, and boogie down the ICW. Then find somewhere to leave the boat for a couple of weeks, catch a bus back to York River and drive to Ontario.

Cuba is our destination this year for the cold months. Steve may join us for the Christmas season in Florida and we will cross after that. But, as usual, plans are very fluid.

Well, I think that covers the news that’s fit to print. The rest we will leave for an evening in the cockpit with a glass of wine or two.

Take care all and enjoy this gorgeous fall weather.

Heather & Murray Rand
aboard Windswept IV
Ham Radio VE3 ZUA