Nassau and South

Here a ship, there a ship, everywhere a ship ship!! How do I get talked into these things. There must be 6 HUGE ships within sight of us and who knows how many just over the horizon.

We had been given a short weather window to go further south. So left Lucaya, Grand Bahama on Wed 24th at 0930 heading for Nassau, a distance of 110 nm. It was a downwind motorboat ride as the howling winds had completely dropped overnight. But the wind had left behind some sloppy waves to toss our craft about and make things interesting.

By dark we had reached Great Stirrup Cay and turned further south towards Nassau. Finally we can shut off the motor and sail. There’s LOTS of wind now! And still a lot of traffic – what a busy channel this is with cruise ships, freighters and pleasure boats of all sizes.

All through the night we sailed south. The stars played peek-a-boo in the clouds. The phosphorescence still shone in our wake. Maybe this isn’t so bad after all. We took turns dozing in the cockpit, while the other one kept watch.

Dawn found us just off of Nassau with two giant ships breathing down our stern. By 0900, we were anchored down and ready for a little nap before exploring.

Two days later we are headed for Highborn Cay, Exuma delivering some parts to a broken down vessel there. Yesterday a lot of strange looks came our way as we carried a 2 x 12 x 10ft board down the streets! But, we got the needed parts and made an early departure today.

Sailing along at near 6 knots with approx 15 degrees of heel. Lovely day, but a little cool.

Hope all is well in the north country. Our best to everyone.

Heather & Murray