Update on Killarney

Hi everyone,

The power is out here currently, so our jobs have slowed down momentarily. Time to write and catch you all up on our summer.

The docks have been full for the last few days. Each day many vessels leave and others come to replace them. Thousands of litres of fuel are pumped daily and a head pump-out for almost every boat that comes to the gas dock.

The wind is blowing hard today, which creates a lot of current through the channel. This, of course, makes docking a challenge. Dock staff have almost landed in the water several times today while assisting with docking.

Killarney ahs started the summer rush. The coming weekend is the Fish Fry and the town will be jumping! No parking places to be found and a lot of police around to keep an eye on the drinking. There is a band Sat and Sun and dancing under “the big top”.

The biggest selling item in town this year is a tee- shirt. It says ” Killarney, a quaint drinking village with a fishing problem”. The local gift shop has sold out twice!

As usual, the dock staff here are great kids. They are game to do anything asked of them and work very hard. But, they also can play hard as well. A few hangover to be expected this weekend.

Otherwise, all is well with us. Healthy and happy. Murray has carved 4 or more walking sticks and they are a hot commodity amongst the staff at the lodge.

Hope all of you are having a great summer as well. Likely even hotter than it is up here! Steve, did you ever get your central air?

Hugs to everyone. Heather & Murray