Snores from the Deep

I have a strange tale to tell today. While we were anchored in Lake Worth, friends from Sea Zeus stopped by. They told us of strange noises that they had heard, when they were anchored near Melbourne FL. The noise seemed to come from under the boat and almost seemed to be someone snoring. The captain had a shower and then ran the shower sump and dumped soapy water under the boat. The creature below snorted, splashed and left. The story sounded unbelievable to our ears. But….

A few days later, in the early evening, Murray noticed a strange noise. It was very quiet at first and we thought that a fender or such was rubbing. All deck cargo was checked. The noise grew louder. Now, deck fittings such as the gooseneck and main sheet were examined. No reason for the noise could be found. Eventually, it faded away.

The same thing happened the next night. We jokingly said that it was a manatee sleeping on our winged keel. The noise would last a couple of hours and then fade away.

The third night came around and again the noise was heard. This time it became quite loud. Murray finally stomped on the floor, and we heard a snort. Then the gentle sounds started again. Slowly they built louder and louder. It was obvious that something was snoring beneath our boat. Likely a manatee. I think it liked to doze on our wing keel. Eventually, it moved off and allowed us to start our own snoring.

Next time we meet Sea Zeus, we will ask if they have a wing keel as well. Perhaps that is the preferred sleeping accommodation for manatees.

So, that is your sea saga for the day. Anybody with a logical explanation, please let us know.

We got favourable conditions on Dec 9th to make our crossing to the islands. Departure was from West Palm Beach at 0430 and we made a daylight crossing for the first time. Only met one freighter in the dark and he seemed on a collisions course for a few minutes. But, of course, he wasn’t and missed us by many miles. The crossing was the easiest that we have had and also the earliest arrival in the islands. Whether, they are connected, I am not sure.

We entered the banks south of Memory Rock and motorsailed on to Great Sale Cay, a total distance of approx 110 miles. It was dark by the time we anchored, but good to stop. We arose early again the next morning and motorsailed again, against a stiff breeze at times. By late afternoon we were anchored in Powell Cay, where we spent the next day as well, catching up on our sleep and boat chores. Checking in with customs was accomplished at Green Turtle Cay. Murray had his first Kalik ( local Bahamian beer ).

We have moved on again and are currently in Marsh Harbour to enjoy the boat parade and fireworks display tonight. But, as we would like to get to Staniel Cay, Exumas, for Christmas, I think we will head more south in the morning. As we must travel out in the Atlantic from the Abacos to Eleuthera, the weather will decide our next move. So, again we will sit and watch and listen, but be ready to move if the correct conditions are pending.

Christmas lights and decorations have not been hung around the boat yet, as we are moving too much. Soon, we will sit for a bit and I will dig out my tiny tree and the stockings. Even Christmas lights will be strung, in the bimini and only lit for cocktail hour. So, Merry Christmas to all up north.

Hugs, Murray & Heather