Abacos and North

Hi everyone,

We sailed to the Abacos on March the 13th from Spanish Wells. Our friend, Woody Perry, led us out through the reef in the hazy dawn light. As the winds were light at first, we motorsailed but were able to turn off the engine by 11 am. As usual, the seas were rolly and confused. This region of the ocean seems always to create washing machine-type waves that toss the boat every which way. Heather’s stomach doesn’t like the ride much and she spends most of her day above decks. A vessel traveling beside us landed a dolphin fish, but we had no luck as usual.

Annual Hope had left from Royal Island towards the same destination and we spent a few days with them anchored at Lynyard Cay. There we found some of the largest conch that we had seen this year. Murray made some of his famous conch salad.

Eventually, we made it to Marsh Harbour with the laundry and grocery stores first our our list of stops. Quickly accomplishing our jobs, we left town the same day and headed for Bakers Bay and beautiful beaches. We spent a couple of days there, enjoying the warm water and shelling, until the wind switched around and sent us back to Marsh Harbour. Oh well, more laundry and shopping, visiting friends and making new ones.

Dave & Brenda, from Kitchener, flew into Marsh Harbour by private plane with six friends for 5 days stay at a resort on Guanna Cay. Heather took them grocery shopping, we loaded all of their gear aboard and ferried them to the resort. The weather allowed us to anchor off of the resort for a few days and enjoy their company. We managed a shelling/diving expedition one day, with other days spent by the pool or exploring the local watering holes. A great bunch of people that we very much enjoyed meeting.

Our dinghy started leaking seriously and we headed back to Marsh Harbour to work on it. It took many tries, but eventually Murray stopped the leak and ‘our car’ was mobile again. More laundry ( nice to use a machine and not a bucket! ) and a few more supplies. A couple of more cocktail parties to throw and then maybe we should head north. The dinghy still leaks a little and the autopilot seldom works, the boat insurance is due and…….. Perhaps it is time.

So, we say goodbye and head north through Whale Cay. Just in time for a thunder and lightning display. Cross our fingers and keep going. Murray gets a little wet, but no CRASH, BANG’s. Once hit, twice shy.

Now, we are anchored at Manjack Cay. A cold front passed through yesterday, with high NE winds behind it. Here we will stay until the winds drop somewhat and then move to Great Sale Cay. From there, we will cross over to Cape Canaveral. Perhaps Wed or Thurs. It depends, of course, on the weather as usual. Meanwhile, we will wax the boat, give ourselves haircuts, read, swim, maybe dive, generally occupy ourselves while we keep one eye on the weather.

So, that is what is happening aboard. How are things with you? We hear that the weather is colder now than many times during the winter months. Hopefully, the snow will stop soon and the flowers will bloom. Then, the sun will shine and things become warmer. Before we get there, I hope! Take care and stay in touch. We love to get mail aboard.

Heather & Murray