Cool May

The last message found us getting ready to haul the boat at Green Cove Springs.

The haul-out went well and the boat was tucked in and buttoned up by early afternoon. I laid out fly, ant and roach traps and hanging bags against mold and mildew. By the time I was done, the chemical combo below was enough to make you choke. As long as they work, I will be happy.

We drove north just into South Carolina the first night. Then on to visit friends in Ohio for a day or two. By May 1st, we were in Ontario. But it had turned cold, and we almost headed right back.

Most of the month of May was spent visiting family and friends and catching up with financial matters. By June 1st, we were back at work in Killarney at the Killarney Mountain Lodge.

Our days now are spent with young men and women and they sure keep us entertained and on our toes. Also, I think that they keep us young.

Not too many boats around yet but soon the weather will improve and the boat traffic will pick up. Then we will be running around and remembering fondly those quiet days at anchorage in the Bahamas. But, October rolls around eventually and we will pack up and head out once again.

Life as vagabonds, or rather part-time live-aboards – we do love it.

Heather & Murray in Killarney for the summer