Fall in Killarney

It is now late August. The trees have not started to change yet, but the tourists are thinning out and the boats are becoming few and far between.

Life on the docks continues, but at a much slower pace. Our student helpers have all left by now, back to their respective schools. We sure will miss them as they become our surrogate kids during these months. They have given us many laughs this past summer, while we pumped another holding tank or two.

The lodge is still very busy, with few or no rooms left most nights. Soon the Lake pilots will arrive for their weekend get-together and airplanes will be scattered, like fallen leaves, on the lawns. This year I promise to take some pictures!

Murray has gone back to his carving, as we now have some time to spare during our days. He has done several walking sticks and many “ugly men” as he calls them.

I will be starting back to work on my morse code. October is coming quickly and I hope to take my test before we head south again. So, spare moments are spent with ” dits and dahs”. And an occasional book or two.

By late October, we should be headed south once more. The boat project list is a little long this year, so launching may not be as fast as usual. An autopilot is needed as the old one died during our Gulf Stream crossing.So, that will need installation. The, the knotlog will have to be sent in for service ( warranty, I hope ) and re-installed prior to launch. The dinghy – well, we still haven’t made a decision on the brand but we MUST do that soon as well.And then get it delivered.

The list of jobs to be done here, in the north, in southern Ontario during our travels, and then in Florida gets longer each day. And I must make sure that all get accomplished!

So, that is our life right now – lists upon lists. We will be doing some visiting on the southward journey and hope to see at least some of you at that time. Stay in touch, but write to either ve3zua@winlink.org or hmrand@pocketmail.com as the e-mail through the website does not always work.

Fair winds to all, Heather & Murray