A funny thing happened..

on the way to the boat. But, it isn’t really funny. And we haven’t got to the boat yet.

We left Woodstock on Tues and arrived in Corbin, Kentucky where we spent the night. By 3:30 the next day, we were turning off I-95 at Beaufort,SC where we planned to stay overnight with friends.

Our transmission puked just a few miles from the highway in a little town called Yamesse. A friendly local took Murray to a garage where he arranged a tow.

The up-shot of the story was that the transmission was done and the price here was the same as in Canada, but in US dollars! That job was finished on Friday. Our friends, Gail & Meindert Wolff, have been great hosts all of this time. Thank goodness for friends.

Then, we called the marina to let them know that we were not going to arrive as scheduled. Good thing, because our boat wasn’t in the workyard yet! Maybe Monday or Tues, the 4th or 5th.

So, we haven’t got to the boat yet. I guess we should have stayed in Ontario longer and done some more visiting with the people that we missed. And maybe our transmission would have died up there.

We have quite a work list when we do get going on the boat. Time will fly in the work yard, but we will launch as soon as possible. Life is easier when we are afloat, even if we work all day.

That is what is happening here. Hope to hear from y’all. Hugs, Heather & Murray

PS The sun is shining and we have been wearing shorts. So life is good.