Green Turtle Cay, Abaco

Hello everyone,

We are anchored in White Sound, Green Turtle Cay awaiting the arrival of another cold front. This one is scheduled to come through near midnight with violent thunderstorms and high winds. Many boats have gone to neighbouring marinas to get a little more security. The Bluff House Marina here has quite a good deal going – any purchases in the gift shop or restaurant and bar are directly subtracted from your dockage bill. It is tempting, but…..$1.15 per ft US, plus water and power.

When the wind dies a few days after this front, we will start to head northward into the outer reaches of the Abacos and get staged for the jump-off to the US. Security measures have been tightened, as you can imagine, due to the war. Radio reports say that all vessels are being boarded by Coast Guard 10 – 15 miles offshore. We do not look forward to that, but all of our papers are in order so it should be just a formality. We will head for Cape Canaveral again, weather permitting. It is a 24 to 25 hr crossing, so we need some good weather for at least a full day and night.

Today’s plans are to prepare for the blow by putting out a second anchor, tidying up the decks, checking flashlight batteries and tying down any loose objects. Then, I must sort my shells from Spoils Island and stash them. Afterwards, we are going to the pool and gift shop at the Bluff House. for the afternoon. Guests are coming over for cocktails later and we will catch up with their adventures for the past year.

News from home indicates that the temperatures are rising up there and the lakes are breaking up. Dock work has started in Port Stanley, so spring must be close behind. Rain has rid most areas of the snow except perhaps in the bush. We do get some info about Ontario, but not a lot. Cases of this new respiratory disease, SARS, seem to be spreading. Take care all of you as you are too precious to us both.

Well, we will soon be there amongst you all with hugs to share and stories to tell. So, stay well and happy and we will see you soon.

Murray & Heather