Splash Down

After sweltering and sweating for a week, we are in the water! Yeah!

We put painted her bottom with fresh bottom paint, cleaned and waxed her hull, touched up her name paint job and managed to get Windswept IV looking spiffy again. After launch, we spent two hours washing the deck to get rid of the summer’s accumulated dirt and grime.

Below decks, we have scrubbed with bleach and cleaned all the nooks and crannies. The cabin already looks liveable, unlike most years with gear piled everywhere. The car is unpacked and stuff stowed aboard. The things that will be stored in the car are heaped on the dock temporarily.

Now, courtesy flags for the Bahamas to sew as well asa new mattress cover for the V-berth. Murray is installing the Ham radio. He finished the installation of the new invertor/charger. The last message indicated that it had started working, right? That was an aberation – it was dead and no longer supported by the manufacturer, so no repair available. $$$$$$ Boat units – Do you know what BOAT stands for? Break Out Another Thousand! But, we decided to replace it, so – the new one is nice.

After the flags and other sewing, floor varnishing, installing sails, etc etc then we will start filling the lockers with food. Sam’s Club, here we come.

The current plan is to attend the SSCA conference in Melbourne next weekend and, hopefully, sell our old outboard motor. Then, a few days more after that and we should be ready to head out. Hope to be in Vero Beach by Thanksgiving ( Nov 27th ).

The weather has changed today and cooled off appreciably. It has been 90’s ( mid 30’s C ) in daytime and very humid. Today, with NE wind blowing hard, is low 70’s ( 19- 20 C ). Great for working! We are still in shorts but the locals will be wearing coats.

That is all the news from here. Hope all is well with everyone up north. Stay in touch as we sure enjoy getting your letters.

Hugs, Heather & Murray