Stopped Awhile

Hello everyone,

We arrived at Killarney on Sunday May 23rd, after spending most of a month visiting family and friends. Some people that we hadn’t seen in many years ( in one case 32 years! ) managed to connect with us. Other friends that we try to visit yearly were missed this time but we will certainly try again in the fall.

Sunday in the rain, we moved into our new cabin. Other than the need for a bridge to cover the floods surrounding the cabin, the move went well. We sloshed back and forth and quite quickly set up our new abode.

The cabin has a screened porch with chairs for ourselves and guests. Inside, electric baseboard heaters keep the rooms toasty ( big change from a small heater that we were afraid to leave running while we worked ). And yes, I did say rooms! We have a small sitting room with a couple of chairs and shelves for books and magazines.Then the bedroom, with a wardrobe and chest of drawers. Beyond that is the bathroom, with our own waterheater and some shelves and cupboard space for storage of shampoo, toothpaste etc.

I am afraid our cabin has become even more “party central”. The last two nights have been late and involved our liquor supply, needless to say. Tonight, we plan to shut out the lights and retire early.

Man, is it freezing here right now. And the Boat House is the coldest place here. I look for excuses to stop by our cabin and warm up. Some of our staff have started already and we are challenged daily to come up with jobs for them to do. The sun will shine soon, I hope, and we can get outside practising boat handling, knot tying and other dockside activities. Our staff is all female again this year and they seem like a great bunch.

My hand surgery went well and I have only occassional twinges now and then at 3 weeks post-op today. The night-time numbness seems really improved and has seldom woke me from a sound sleep since the surgery. This is a very good thing.

For the next while, it will remain very quiet up here but the guests and boats will start to appear as the days become warmer. And we hope that happens soon.

Stay in touch and stay well.

Hugs, Heather & Murray