September Quiet

Well, it has arrived. The quiet times that we looked for in late July. The boat docks have only one or two boats a night now and there never is a line-up for fueling.

Heather has been sent off to bar duty as of Monday this week. So now Murray is alone on the docks. He keeps busy with chores there as well as trips to get fish, liquor etc for the Lodge.

This week was a trifle stressfull for us. On Sunday evening, Heather noticed something in front of her left eye. It wouldn’t brush away and, on examination in the mirror, nothing could be seen. Finally she realized that this multi-legged object was inside the eye, not in front of it. Since Monday was a holiday, nothing could be done. So Tuesday morning, we went to Emergency in Sudbury. She was examined by a doctor there and referred on to an Opthamologist. He examined her as well and diagnosed a small hole or tear in the retina. She was booked for laser surgery for the next day.

The surgery was quickly and painlessly completed on Wednesday morning. The blood clots ( which created the multi-legged object ) are still visible to her but should disappear over time. The specialist wants to see her again in 3 weeks, before we leave this area.

Supposedly, these tears or holes can happen to anyone in their 50’s or 60’s and, if left, can lead to a retina detachment. So, we are glad it was discovered and dealt with quickly.

The last two hurricanes have not damaged Windswept IV. Frances caused 75 knot wind at our marina and a lot of rain, so we likely have water in the bilge. Other boats at the marina, in the water, were damaged and two sunk at the dock. Now we have Ivan to worry about. We will keep you informed.

So, that is what is happening here. Our departure date is set for Sept 28th. After a visit with Heather’s mom, we will be in southern Ontario for a while. Sure hope to see you all then.

Hugs, Murray & Heather