Well, it happened. The wing came off the keel on Sat afternoon. With some effort but mostly with just a little coaxing by Murray.

The operator lifted us just enough to drop the wing off and leave the bolts engaged in the holes. Otherwise, we would have never lined it up again!

The yard left us in the slings until Monday at 8:00 AM. If we moved around much, the boat swayed in the slings. It made me slightly dizzy. But, we managed to clean up the keel/wing joint and have it ready to be re-attached.

That happened this morning. Now, we wait for the sealant to cure and then smooth out the seams, put on bottom paint and get ready to launch.

Windswept IV is already buffed and waxed and looking good above the waterline.

Our new main arrived a couple of days ago and today our dinghy was delivered. Just like Christmas here.

The weather is lovely with warm sunny days and cool to down-right cold nights. Just super for working on the boat.

So, launch is sceduled later this week followed by another week on the dock to get the ship’s stores purchased and stowed. Then, off we go again. Southbound.

Hugs to all and stay healthy. Heather & Murray