Well, it is done. We have put the boat away for the summer months.

After arriving at the marina on the Wed, 20th, we hauled out yesterday, May 2nd. The last 10 days were spent getting the boat ready to store in the hot summer months. All surfaces were washed down with a vinegar solution to retard mildew. Food staples left over from our cruise were bagged and given away. All books were put into ziplocks with bay leaves to prevent bug infestations. Sails and canvas were washed, folded, repairs made and stored below. Our new main sail was sent back to the manufacturer for modifications. New cushions were ordered for the interior, to be delivered in the fall. And then, the car was packed with all that we may need for the summer in Ontario.

Murray also waxed the boom and mast ( as far as he could reach up the mast) and polished the stainless stantions, pulpits etc. He varnished the exterior wood and some interior areas as well. The toe rail bolts were tightened to stop some persistent leaks.

So, as you can see, we haven’t just been sitting around doing nothing since I wrote last.

But, yesterday it all came together. They hauled us out ( 2 hrs late ) and we finished up the last few jobs. The chemical factory was set up below. That is my name for all of the stuff I put out to prevent bugs and mildew. Then, the shadecloth was put into place and tied down.This reduces the sun/heat by 80%. Finally the keel was grounded to one of the jack stands to direct any lightning strikes into the ground. Then we were done.

We drove north as far as Charlotte, NC last night and will probably reach London late tonight (Tues ). As we are cat/house sitting for Linda in London, we will be there for a couple of weeks or more. After visiting with family and friends, we will return to Killarney by the end of May.

So, those are our plans. Written in Jello as usual. Sure hope that we see you on our trip through Ontario. Otherwise, stay in touch by e-mail.

Hugs to all, Heather & Murray