Does the Bear S@*t in the Woods?

The answer is, YES! Just outside of our door! And anywhere else that he wants to.

About a week ago, we heard that there was a momma bear with 2 cubs in the apple trees near the Lodge in the afternoon. No problem. Then at dinner, Maury East (owner of KML) came to tell us that they had climbed the tree just outside of our cabin. It is a large willow tree that we duck under to walk to our front door. We went between the dorms, down the far side of our cabin and ducked into the screened porch. Momma didn’t like that much and started to grunt/huff. We had been told that this is a warning sound. Inside the cabin and slam the door. Lock it quick. Oops, the lock doesn’t quite lock. (Haven’t locked the door all year.) Oh well, maybe we will have time to dash to the bathroom. Oops, that lock doesn’t work either. Maybe we will just sit here quietly.

Momma did come down the tree once, when we stood in the doorway taking photos. But, she just grunted a few times and went back up the tree after we closed the door.

The bears stayed in the tree all evening. After dark, they climbed down ( with much breaking of branches ) and headed back to the apple trees for another snack.

They were trapped a few days later and taken on a road trip further north. Many bears have been seen in town lately as the dump is covering the garbage quicker than before. So, their primary food source is unavailable. And, there does’t seem to be any hunters around to scare them away this year.

We have been asked to stay at the Lodge until Oct 9th. After that, we will visit with my mom and Jeremy before heading to southern Ontario. When our plans become more firm, we will warn you. Especially if we are stopping for a visit.

Hugs to all, Heather & Murray