Florida Update

Hello All,

Well, we arrived safely in Green Cove Springs one week ago today – Monday.

The boat was in pretty good shape with just a little mildew here and there. We were moved into the work yard before lunch and began our list of jobs.

First, I washed down the mold and discovered that there were NO cushions aboard! What would we sleep on? After a quick call to the canvas shop, we found out that they had taken our old cushions away this summer and cut them up for patterns! But we didn’t want the new ones delivered into this mess of on-the-hard living. He delivered the vee-berth cushions so that we had someplace to sleep and we put cockpit cushions, foam etc on the settees so there was a spot to sit.

Murray worked on the keel access ports once again and we made epoxy/filler to smooth that area out. We wanted to get that done quickly so that it would have longer to cure.

Bottom paint and hull polishing were next on the list. But first we had to take off the “waterway smile” using toilet bowl cleaner. Yes, you read it right – toilet bowl cleaner. And it did a great job. Then, clean the sides before we wax. By yesterday afternoon, we could hardly lift our arms! But, she shines and her bottom is newly painted.

Today, they will move the jack stands so that we can paint those spots and we will launch tomorrow.

Then we can wash that filthy deck! Sand, dirt, mold etc from a summer of storage still litter the decks. We itch to wash her, but it will just create mud at our worksite. We can wait one more day.

Once we get clean, I will unpack the car, we will put sails in place, scrub the dinghy, dodger and bimini and waterproof the later two. Check that the autopilot works, try other electronics to make sure they function. And finally, fill the lockers.

In approx 2 weeks, we should be on our way once more. Already have been in touch will cruising friends and have made plans to meet up down the way. We cannot wait to actually be cruising once again. All of this work can stop any time!

Today is Mur actual 60th birthday and we are planning a little surprise this evening here. Cake, drinks, snacks etc. My joints and back have behaved during all this work. Some stiffness and aching but, hey what can you expect?

We sure hope things are not too cold up there in the north country. Ha ha. Take care all and write when you have time.

Hugs, Heather & Murray