In Ontario

Hello everyone,

The boat was hauled on Sat, 29th at 8 am. The yard had the bottom powerwashed and the boat moved to storage by 9ish. Then Mur and I started on our list of jobs. The cover was installed and the bug stuff deployed below, once everything was finished. Now it was time to say our goodbyes to the friends here, shower and jump into the car for the long drive.

Of course, as we traveled, we remembered the things that we forgot to do. And a few things that we forgot to bring with us. There wasn’t room for much more in the poor overloaded Volvo, so it is just as well that I left them.

One thing that we purchased was a portable frig/freezer unit, made by Engel. It isn’t much bigger than the powered cooler that we had before but uses much less power. And it will function as a freezer. In fact, we brought fish, caught by Murray in the Bahamas, back with us. Hopefully we can share some of it with you. Next winter, it will go into the aft cabin and carry more meat and maybe even ice cream! And, when Mur catches fish soon after our arrival in the islands, there will be room to keep them. What happens in our current freezer is that the fresh unfrozen meats thaw the previously frozen things. Not a good situation.

The drive north took us approx 19 hrs, from marina to Steve’s place in St Thomas. Through the Smokey Mountains we enjoyed the sight of the blooming dogwood and wisteria. This year, spring has already arrived in southern Ontario, with trees blooming here as well. It is a lovely sight.

So, your next question is ” what are their plans?” There are a few appointments locally with dentist and doctor. Then we hope to catch up with friends and family nearby. Maybe even get out for a sail. Brrr, it will be cold on the lake though. Steve is going to put up with us for about 2 weeks before we head off. Gravenhurst and Dunrobin will be definite stops on our tour, with detours maybe into Sarnia, Guelph, Oakville or Peterborough. Before the end of the month, we will be on the way to Killarney for our summer jobs at Killarney Mountain Lodge.

So, that is what is happening here. How are things with you? Drop us a line if you have time and we look forward to seeing you in the next few weeks.

Hugs Heather & Murray