Well, as you know the surgery was done on Friday morning.

I don’t think that they are used to having younger patients because when they asked what kind of music I liked and I said “easy rock” they didn’t have a cd for that. So, it was classical all the way.

They did an epidural and I was awake for the event. It is quite disconcerting to hear the chisels and hammers against your bones and the impact went all of the way to the top of my spine. Then, the drills came out. I think maybe we should hire this guy for the maintenance department!

Morphine was injected into the epidural to decrease the pain as it is more long-lasting. But, I itched everywhere! Not much sleep was had Friday night with the scratching and the blood pressure/temp checks.

I was actually walking on it Friday night. With a walker, I was up to the bathroom about 3 times.

Then Sat was a tough one. The physio came aroung and got me up on crutches. And bending my knee – I managed 80 degrees bend but haven’t repeated that since. I was wacked out from exhaustion and meds and couldn’t keep my eyes open when Mur came to visit.

The surgeon came by later and said “you can go”. Since the internists had said I couldn’t the night before, it was confusing. But, it was decided that I could leave after my dose of heparin. Which I had to give myself. Into the belly, thank goodness, as that is too big a target to miss.

So, we left and tried to get the ‘scripts filled. Finally we were on the road. My temp has been spiking in the afternoon, so the 2 hr drive to Gravenhurst was on ordeal. Luckily, Mur only had to stop once for me to decorate the wayside. He wouldn’t have been happy if I had messed up the new car!

We got to Mom’s and I crashed. My sister had made dinner for all but I just had some toast later.

Today, I am some better. My leg is hugely swollen (it has 14 stitches!) and quite painful. I am trying to exercise it as much as possible. Tomorrow, we need to go Bracebridge for blood work (twice a week for that trek) and I have 2 more doses of stuff to inject into my belly. Fun.

That is all the news that I can think of. Say hello to the whole crew from me! Not sure about this one week to recoup trick. But, we shall see as the days progress.

Hugs to all, Heather (healing)