St Thomas

Hello everyone,

Well, Monday was the day that I saw the doctor again, hoping to be disconnected from the pump, put on oral antibiotics and sent on our way. It didn’t happen. He wanted to continue the iv for two more weeks. Needless to say, I was very disappointed.

But, we said that we would still head south and started to make plans. On Tuesday, we would pick up another weeks worth of iv bags, have the tubing changed at VON and drive to my Mom’s for a visit. Then we would have until Friday before needing another visit from the nurse. So, we called Community Care Access to arrange for all the info to be transferred to St Thomas and to have the VON there take over.

Not quite so easy. They would not allow me to leave North Bay with their pump. Even if we guaranteed overnight delivery back to them. No way would they bend the rules. The pump must be delivered before we leave. And there is only 7 hours between doses. The CCAC tried to suggest that it wouldn’t matter if I missed a dose. But, we didn’t think that was a viable option.

So, Tuesday we drove down to Gravenhurst to visit with my mom and sister, Karyn. They were so supportive during my hospital stay and I really wanted to see them again before we headed off.

Wednesday morning, as soon as my 6:00 dose started ( the pump wakes me ), we jumped up, showered, ate and headed out. The pump was left at the VON ( the drugstore didn’t open till 9 ).

The traffic was fairly light, except around TO, and we made good time. The nurse met us at Steve’s and hooked me up again.

Visiting with friends has top priority for the next few weeks. Once all this medical stuff is behind us, we will head back to the boat but no definite date as yet. A new wind generator has been ordered and will meet us in Florida. We had purchased a used one in ’97 and repair parts were no longer available. The list of boat jobs is not too long this year. Just as well, with the delay.

Steve’s wireless is allowing us to use this address again and we check it frequently. Stay in touch.

Hugs Heather & Murray