Hello everyone,

Just wanted to say “hello”/”bon jour” and “goodbye”/”adieu” for the next two weeks. As we are not taking our computer to France, we will be out of touch completely.

Tomorrow evening we fly out, from Montreal. On Friday we will arrive in Paris, take trains and subway to the Gare de Lyon and there, we board a train for Dijon. That assumes that we figured out all of signs in French. On Saturday, we will take a cab to St Jean de Losne and can board our boat in the afternoon. Murray is slightly concerned as the “red right returning” rule is exactly the opposite in Europe! Yikes! Hopefully, we won’t run aground. But we have a chart and instructions.

But that night, we will open bottle or two of wine to celebrate our 40th anniversary. We cannot believe that it has been quite that long.

When we return, we will give you a complete report on our trip and maybe even a picture or two.

Hugs, Heather & Murray