New Adventures

Well, we have headed south from Killarney for the last time. Yes, it is true. We decided that this would be our last year as the dockmasters at Killarney Mountain Lodge. It has been 8 good years and we have made many friends among the local residents and boaters. But, the time had come to retire once more.

So, we packed everything from our tiny cabin into the Volvo wagon and pointed our nose down the road. That morning we saw two moose ( a female and this year’s calf )at the side of Hwy 69, waiting for a break in traffic and then ambling across the road when the cars had stopped. We stopped by my sister’s place and loaded Mom’s belongings into a trailer then visited Mom in Washago in her new assisted living residence. Near 8 pm, we headed towards St Thomas, arriving at Steve’s house at midnight. It was a very long day. He wasn’t home yet but luckily we had a key and the security code to get us in. The bed felt so good that night.

Steve has allowed us to store the furniture that Mom had given us in his basement and we sorted, trashed some and then hauled the rest down there on Sunday and returned the trailer to a local dealer.

Now, we are searching on-line and in ads for the place that we wish to call home for the summers over the next few years. Yes, the winters in the Bahamas will continue. It is not nearly time to give that up yet. In fact, we may be able to spend more time or venture further away. And the house or condo does not need to be found immediately. We have next spring to continue the search.

On Nov 3rd, we will head down to Jacksonville and start working on the boat in preparation for launch. I till have to make the pattern for the new dodger, cut out and sew it together. Hopefully, it will fit as nicely as the bimini did this spring.

Sure hope that we can get together before we head out. Best to all, Heather & Murray