Pulling Free of Velcro Beach

Our last replacement part has arrived. Murray is deep in the cockpit locker installing the new inverter. The food lockers are stuffed so full that I hesitate to open the doors. All of the laundry has been done and clean sheets await us tonight. Our final bill for the last six nights of mooring fees has been paid. I think we are ready to attempt to pull free.

The cruisers call this place ( Vero Beach ) Velcro Beach for good reason. There are many conveniences that keep you here. The free bus come through the marina once an hour and delivers you, by transferring to other routes, to various spots around town – grocery stores, WalMart, a shopping mall etc etc. Vero is a good sized town so most repairs can be found here. The marina has few dock space but approx 60 moorings on which they put up to 3 boats. Almost every time, we manage to raft with friends. And, if they weren’t when we arrived, by the time we leave, they are good friends.

For us, the days traveling to here seem to bring out all of those niggling things that will break down soon. So, for us, we stop here to repair the boat and get it in tip-top shape before heading to the islands.

Speaking of that, there is a weather window opening up later this week. So, we plan to leave here today and travel to Ft Pierce. That is only 10-12 miles away. But, we will anchor there and fill our diesel tanks at a close-by, budget-priced fuel dock. In the am early, we will head off-shore to West Palm – a distance of 45 miles. Then we will anchor near Peanut Island and await the correct timing and weather to cross over to the islands. Maybe before Christmas.

If so, we will be in the Berry Islands and quite remote, with no phone or wireless access. Don’t worry about us and we will write using the ham e-mail to stay in touch. Just know that we love you all and wish you only the best.

Hugs, Murray & Heather