Christmas in Palm Beach

Well, I really hate to complain about this, but here we are in West Palm Beach. The weather is gorgeous, with hot sunny days and little wind. The problem is much further out to sea where there is a gale whipping the waves ever higher. Those waves are generating a very nasty swell that is keeping us here. They will subside shortly and the good weather is supposed to continue. Thus, plans are to cross over on Wednesday, Boxing Day, perhaps continuing on directly to Nassau.

I have been holding off on putting up the tree as the crossing is usually rough. But, today our tiny tree graces the middle of our table. Clear LED Christmas lights are strung beneath the bimini and are likely to remain there for the balance of this winter. Using little power, they give a nice ambient glow to the cockpit.

There will be presents under the tree this year as I had a chance to shop for some small things for us both. Surprises for Murray.

For Christmas Day, we are making plans to share an early dinner with friends. The menu : turkey breast that was tucked into the freezer, some garlic mashed potatoes, perhaps a green bean casserole and something gooey for dessert. All washed down with copious amounts of wine. Sounds exactly like your plans, right?

Except we will also be going to bed very early so that we get lots of sleep in preparation for a 200+ mile journey the next couple of days, sleeping in the two hour off-watch periods.

Wherever you are and whoever you share this day with, we wish you all a Very Merry Christmas!! Good Health and Joy for the coming year.

All the best, Heather & Murray