Hello all,

We have arrived in the Bahamas once more, departing West Palm Beach, Fl on the 26th at 0700 and arriving here on the 27th at 1330. It was a distance of 200 nm and a motorboat ride the whole way. The boat performed well and all systems functioned as expected.

A different route was taken this year. First we headed south for 2 hours until we were not making much headway against the opposing Gulf Stream. Then we angled across the stream on a course of 125M. Once out of the stream and on the Bahamian side, we turned more south again, heading towards Great Isaac light ( which wasn’t on!! ) and an entrance onto the banks. The egg shaped moon rose shortly after we worked our way around the island and between the neighbouring reefs. It was easier than it sounds, due to radar and computer charts. The balance of the night while crossing the shallow banks, we took turns napping while the other stood watch ( reading a book in the cockpit using a headlamp with a red lens to maintain our night vision ).

Arriving at Northwest Channel light ( which was working !) in the pre-dawn hours, we transitted this reefy area and back into the deep waters of NorthWest Providence Channel. Then it was another 50 miles on to Nassau.

The dockmaster at Nassau Harbour Club, Peter, assisted us ably into the slip as the current and wind both were pushing us ahead. Murray did his usual awesome job of putting the boat right where it should be. Customs and Immigration soon followed and we were then allowed to go ashore.

After buying some more liquor for the locker ( take note George & Barb! )and a few other supplies, checking the internet at a nearby Starbucks and a brief walkabout, we departed the marina by eleven today, 28th. Using the external wireless antenna we have been able to access free wireless from aboard the boat. Cool!

So, here we will sit until the wind dies slightly or changes direction. Yes, it is coming from the direction that we want to go. As per usual. Time to chill, drink some rum and catch up on our sleep.

Hugs, Heather & Murray