Visit to Killarney

Near the beginning of June, once we had completed our responsibilities as cat-sitters, we headed northward, to Killarney. I know, that was weeks ago! But, this living on land stuff is very busy and it is hard to find the time to just sit down and write.

Driving down Hwy 637, we spotted three deer and a small bear. Then we started to see the local critters – the staff and owners of the lodge. Everyone made us welcome, especially Maury and Annabelle.

Once we had settled in, we wandered down to the docks to meet the new dockmasters, Tom & Liz. They are also cruisers, on a slow circumnavigation, with their boat currently in Malta. They write a blog of their adventures for BoatUS. Eileen & Dave, the captains of Stormy Night, welcomed us back and shared some wine and stories with us before dinner.

Early in the morning, we met with Tom & Liz again and spent time going through some of the procedures that are not written in the manual – such as changing the prices on the gas pumps ( a common occurrence this year! ) and the location of breaker switches for the docks. They had a list of questions for us and we tried to answer each of them. The day flew by and Murray checked out the little boat after dinner. Arrangements were made to move it to Killarney Marine tomorrow and to place it on our utility trailer, which had a 3500 lb axle ( supposedly ).

I again spent most of the day on the docks, addressing questions and the procedure manual, while Murray dealt with Fandango. The move to the marina went well and then… they lowered it onto the trailer, which kept going down, down, down. This boat only weighs 2000 lbs. The trailer should hold it easily. Finally all was loaded to Murray’s satisfaction and we headed back to the parking lot to tie things securely.

Very early next morning, we headed out. The Volvo complained a little but pulled things along. We stopped in Washago and loaded Mom in, for a visit to our new place in Tillsonburg. As long as Murray kept the speed around 80 km, all went well. Above that speed, the car felt loosey-goosey. And, on the 401 he had to speed up occasionally.

But, we made it to Woodstock, where we stored Fandango at George’s place and, with a sigh of relief, the Volvo kicked up her heels on down to T’burg.

Mom had a busy week with us; going to aquasize classes, walking after dinner, shopping, boating with George & Barb, etc. But, she seemed to enjoy herself very much. The following Friday, Mom & I headed back to Washago, where everyone was delighted to see her back. I spent the night with her and drove home very early the next morning.

Then, we had a couple of days to get ready for our next adventure. But, that is another story. Hopefully, all is well with you. Write or phone when you get a chance.

Hugs to all, Heather & Murray