Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Hello all,

Well, it seems that we are pinned down here, in the Berry Islands, with high winds and waves. The islands are protecting us from the waves and the wind generator is making good use of the wind power. But, we will be spending Christmas here.

There are 7 boats anchored within sight and some of us have been sharing cocktail hour. Today we have reservations at Flo’s Conch Bar, in Little Harbour, for lunch. That is the only structure on Little Harbour Cay ( about three miles away and a wet dinghy ride )and they do a fair bit of business with the passing boaters. Each time we are nearby, we try to go for lunch to help support the business.

The turkey breast is thawing in the refrigerator but my vegetable stash is getting quite picked over. It may be canned veggies for Christmas dinner. But, there will be wine, good company and Christmas carols on the radio. It would have been nice to make a phone call or two, but that is not to be this year.

So, consider yourselves all hugged and given big Christmas greetings from both of us. Much love to you all,

Heather & Murray
windswept aboard Windswept IV in the Bahamas