Safe Arrival

Hello everyone,

Just a brief note to let you all know that we have safely arrived in the US. We departed from Great Sale Cay, Abaco and landed at Cape Canaveral, FL. It was a rough and rolly ride! I am ashamed to say that I lost my lunch on the way. Murray toughed it out and was the iron man of the trip, as usual. We entered the harbour at 0730, cleared customs and had an early lunch ( no one ate much all night! ) and then cast off, heading through the lock and on into the ICW. The anchor went down at Titusville at about 5 pm. time for a drink, a light dinner and an early bedtime.

Tomorrow, we have been invited for lunch with friends ashore. And then, the shuttle is scheduled to land shortly after 1 pm. The weekend is supposed to be rainy and windy, so we may just stay put.

To prepare the boat for haul-out, we are going to go to a marina that is close to ours. It is Reynolds Yacht Centre and is a lot more expensive then our usual marina. But, as the dock there has been condemned, we do not have a lot of choice. The boat will still be stored at Green Cove Springs Marina. It is scheduled to be hauled on April 10th and, if all goes well, we should be back at our house by April 12th! In time for the Easter Bunny.

Right now it is time for this tired old bunny to take a shower and put her head down.

Heather & Murray