It has been a busy 10 days but we are splashing later today. Murray and I worked for 2 days, cleaning up the mildew and vacuuming up ants. Dead ants were all through almost every article of clothing aboard and that gave me seven garbage bags full of laundry. Then we had a new mattress cover and bottom sheet to modify to fit onto the vee berth. It was made easier as this time I had purchased king sized which fit so much better ( at least at the head of the bed, the foot is a whole other story ). But, when that job was done, we removed two thru-hulls and installed the two new transducers for speed and depth. Then the wires had to be run, through limber holes in cross members in the bilge for that purpose. These were already filled with other wires , so it was a challenge.

But, once the inside jobs were accomplished, we worked outside. Two more days were spent trying to remove the worn cutlass bearing. But, with some help and Murray’s ingenuity, it was removed. The new one went in easily and the cleaned prop re-installed. Then bottom paint and wax was applied and we were ready to launch. Due to the pier closure here, we will be docking at Reynolds Yacht Center for approx a week to finish the interior work, bend on the sails and stock the boat.

Then we shall be underway once more. The work of getting there and the hell of living on the hard will begin to fade from our memory, allowing us to face it once again next year.

Heather & Murray