Slight Detour

No matter how many plans we make, they can be changed in an instant by forces outside of your control. And that is exactly what has happened recently.

The wind howled for the last few days and we spent our afternoons playing cards, reading and watching videos. And, while watching a movie, we must have popcorn. Just as we neared the end of the bowl, Murray commented on the fact that he had found a stone in his popcorn. Examining the “stone”, I noted that it was actually a filling. One of his wisdom teeth had lost a filling! The resultant hole is sharp and, although painless right now, needs looking after.

Using the ham radio ‘net, we obtained the name and phone number of a dentist who comes to George Town weekly, when required. Yesterday, we called his office and were given an appointment for this Saturday morning. His office is in Farmer’s Hill, on Great Exuma. And thus, the rest of the story..

The same person who passed on the info re the dentist also informed us that Emerald Bay Marina and Resort is having a “deal” on dockage. Normally we wouldn’t even consider a marina. But, they are charging $0.50/ft ( 3 day minimum ), free laundry and free internet, plus use of all of the resort amenities including pools etc. Murray can walk from the marina to the dentist’s office, rather than an expensive taxi ride from George Town. So, on Thursday we will enter Emerald Bay, planning to depart on Sunday.

With wireless, we will try to make some Skype calls and catch up with e-mails that have been sent to the gmail account.

Take care and maybe we can talk soon. Hugs,
Heather & Murray