Pass The Beans!

Yesterday, the Impaired Olympics were held here at Hog Cay. We had such events as Kayak Racing ( the paddler was blindfolded and used fins to propel the kayak, guided by his crew ), Conchshoes ( tossing conch shells at a curling-type target ) and Crab racing ( with numbered, captured hermit crabs ). An awards banquet was held after sunset with everyone in attendance.

One of the funniest things that happened was everyone brought beans for the potluck. Two bean salads, one green bean casserole and two baked beans! All with different flavours and all delicious. That is what can happen at a potluck.

Today we have moved to take shelter from an expected cold front. This one is forecast to be very strong from the south, west and northwest. These directions are difficult ones to find shelter from, down here in the Ragged Islands. So, we expect to have some uncomfortable days and nights but will not be unsafe.

The refrigerator has stopped working completely but we are coping. I freeze a bottle of water in the Engel daily and we use that to cool the frig. Thank goodness for the Engel freezer as it is keeping everything, that can be frozen, frozen. Besides which there is not much in our frig other than some cheese, 3 eggs and some bottles of water. Hopefully when the supply ship arrives, the weather will allow us to visit town and the small store there.

But that is life aboard.

Heather & Murray