In Florida

Just a quick message to let y’all know that we arrived safely at the boat on Thursday and were moved into the work yard. There is little or no mildew and, best of all, NO ANTS!!!

So, the inside work is going quickly. Outside is another story. The temperature dropped overnight and everyone here is in parkas. As it was in the mid 60’s F (18C approx ), we wore shorts and sweatshirts. But, it is chilly to chip away at bottom paint. But that job starts tomorrow. Murray is going to scrape the bottom to remove some of the built-up coatings of bottom paint. Although we use ablative paint, there still seems to be a build-up, probably due to the fact that we were twice sold the wrong product!!

Launch is scheduled for Nov 12th and then we plan to be at Reynolds Marina for another two weeks or so. The new refrigeration system has not arrived yet but we hope to see it soon. I am drooling over LED lighting for the boat ( a chance to have several lights on down below at night and not chew up the battery power ). Hopefully that order will go in soon as well. The West Marine goodies should arrive in the next few days and it will seem as though Christmas has come early, as we open the packages containing things like new halyards, a new head ( toilet for the landlubbers amongst you ), VHF antenna and, the all important, anchor ball. This ball is a daytime marker to indicate that the vessel is anchored. Insurance companies have successfully avoided payment in collisions if the anchored vessel has not displayed an anchor ball.

The cell phone has been re-activated and the number is unchanged from last year.

The wireless is up and running but not necessarily the fastest connection in the world. But, try us on Skype if you see us.

Hugs to all
Heather & Murray