Berry Islands

Hello everyone

It took three tries but we finally made it out of Lucaya and on to the Berry Islands. The first time, MarNel has said that the waves were too high for their boat, a catamaran, heading to windward. But we attempted it alone. After we fell off of the fourth huge wave and everything crashed and banged, we opted to turn around.

The second time, I was extremely nervous. The wind had been howling all day long and the waves were higher than before but the wind was from a better direction. Also we were leaving at 5 pm and traveling all night, in a busy shipping channel. But, everyone else wanted to go and I didn’t want to be a wimp. So, we left. It was not a good thing. The waves were crashing onto the boat and the spray soaked us with each wave. The boat was heeled over too much for me to move from my perch at all. Then the lightning started. I am sorry to report that I had a meltdown and we turned around once again.

But in the morning, the wind and waves were much calmer and off we headed again, motorsailing and sailing when possible. Before sunset we were securely anchored at Great Stirrup Cay. After a great nights sleep, we motored on south again, to Devils/Hoffman Cays and both boats were tucked in before lunchtime.

The winds were predicted to increase after an expected cold front but they will blow from the NE and we have great protection from that direction. Last night, as scheduled, the winds started to howl, blowing about 30 km/hr. That will continue for the next two or three days during which time, we will make water, do boat jobs, bake cookies, watch movies, all the usual stuck-on-the-boat things.

The attraction of the Berry Islands is the abundance of fish. Murray has already catch a little tunny, two cero mackeral and is feeding the other boats in the anchorage. Oh, total boat count is three, but only two are in view. So, very private.

We will stay here for a week or 10 days and enjoy this quiet place before heading further south. If we can, we will skip Nassau, depending on the laundry situation. With full water tanks, Murray and I can do some laundry in a bucket when the wind dies a little.

That is what is happening here, on Windswept IV. I hope the groundhog doesn’t see his shadow and that winter will be short for all of you northerners.

Heather & Murray