We did it! We tossed our lines on the deck and cast off from the dock! The lockers are full and we were only waiting for the spell of below freezing temperatures to abate before heading out. And the next couple of days seem like the lowest temps overnight will be in the high 30’s.

I know, I know – it has been unbearably cold up there and what are we whining about? You have to realize that there is NO heat on this boat, once we leave the dock. So, we wimped out and stayed a couple of extra days in order to have some heat from our ceramic heater. Also, my chest cold was still quite bad and I didn’t want to get too chilled.

But now we are underway. And have already discovered a couple of glitches to get straightened out in Vero Beach. Hopefully. The autopilot is the main one. It is still on vacation – who knew? Until we leave and try it out, we can only assume that, as it worked last spring, it will work this year. What were we thinking! But, maybe it just needs bleeding of its lines. Maybe. If we need parts…….we may not have an autopilot this winter.

Already we have parts meeting us in Vero. One of the blades from our wind generator disappeared overnight a few days ago. It broke at the hub but is passed its warranty period. For only $120 plus shipping, you too can have new blades for a wind generator. But, we were glad to even find them as the company had gone out of business some years ago. Thank goodness for Internet searches.

The warmer weather is within reach now. It will take us about four days to get to Vero and then maybe we can pack away the blue jeans and get the shorts out. We will stay a few days, re-provision, fix glitches, do laundry and then head on further south. And start looking for the weather to cross over to the islands.

My book signing has been re-scheduled for March 15th at Atlantis Resort, on Paradise Island, Nassau and we are both looking forward to that event. Once that is over, we will be looking to head back state-side. A very short cruise this year. But, at least we made it.

Hugs to all and please keep each other warm!
Heather & Murray
Bobbing at anchor

PS the Captain just reported that the oil reservoir on the autopilot was empty! No parts need for this fix and we even have hydraulic oil aboard. Good planning, right?