Yeah Summer!

Summer is upon us and the days have been just glorious here in Tillsonburg. Beautiful sunny ones with little rain. I am sure that soon the farmers will be gasping for rain but for now we can just enjoy the days.

Life here is busy as usual. Murray keeps himself almost too occupied with jobs around the neighbourhood. There is seldom a day that finds him sitting on his butt, reading a book. When it happens, it is enjoyed but usually interrupted by a neighbour needing assistance.

Earlier this month, we took the motorhome on a shake-down trip to Niagara Falls. Traveling to the boat doesn’t really count as anything that the motorhome was missing, I could easily find on the boat. So, we went away for three nights and had a wonderful time. The first night was spent at Chippawa Creek Conservation Area and a lovely quiet park it was. Murray barbequed our dinner ( need a brush and more propane for said barbeque ) and then, before the mosquitoes came out, we had a lovely campfire. The next day, we drove closer to Niagara Falls and stayed at Scott’s Camp and Trailer Park. I had purchased a wine tour on-line and we spent the afternoon near Niagara-on-the-Lake drinking wine and enjoying the scenery. The next day, we went to the Butterfly Conservatory, which was lovely, and then visited with friends who live in Niagara Falls. All in all, it was a very good trip and we were only missing small items.

The other thing that we had wanted to check out on this trip was the new mattress. The one that came with the unit was very heavy and made it difficult to utilize the storage under the bed. We replaced this with a foam mattress that we made by bonding four inch medium density foam and two inch memory foam. This was all encased in a striped cover that fits like a glove. The neighbours helped me pull this on the foam and the three of us struggled but managed to get the foam inside. The resulting mattress is quite comfortable and lighter than the original.

I had purchased a new sewing machine and was eager to have a project. So, using some fabric from the Bahamas and quilt backing and filler purchased locally, I proceeded to create a new blanket for the motorhome. It looks lovely, if I must say so myself. And the new machine sewed like a dream.

Gertie’s Big Mouth is coming together. That is my new book, about a grouper! The digital editor signed on for another book and the artwork is nearly done. So, we are hoping that all will be ready for publication this fall. Stay tuned!

Everyone knows that I love to find a bargain. Well, now I am putting those talents to good use, finding the best deal on new books for our library here in Hickory Hills. It was a little daunting at first but I soon got into the swing of it. I also have to write a column for our monthly newsletter, describing the new books available.

Murray is working on the car rally that is to be held in October this year. As we will be away from mid July to early September, he wants to get a head start on the route and instructions. I have got the sign-up sheets and tickets organized. So, we think that we are in good shape for that event.

The street party will happen in July before we depart as September weather is too iffy. Last Saturday, we held a get-together in the parkette at the end of our street with 46 people in attendance. It was great fun and an opportunity for new residents to meet their neighbours.

So, as you can see, we are keeping ourselves occupied! And the trip to Newfoundland draws ever closer! Time to start making lists of things to take with us. I am definitely getting excited and we are both looking forward to the new adventure in our Rialta motorhome.