Current Position

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to let you know where we are. Yesterday, at noon, we left St Augustine FL and headed on down the waterway. Today we will pass through Daytona Beach and try to get to New Symerna Beach. The only thing in our way is a very shallow spot on the waterway and it will be close to low tide. So, we may stay in Daytona and wait for high tide tomorrow.

But, either way, we will arrive in Titusville tomorrow ( Wed ). Our car is there and many friends as well. A shuttle launch is scheduled for Dec 2nd, so we will stay in the area for a while.

The car will be used to scout out possible storage spots for next summer. Several have been recommended to us and we will visit them to inspect the premises.

Then, I think we will base ourselves in Grand Harbour Marina in Vero Beach. Jeremy probably remembers that spot. Many friends live nearby and, with a car, we can explore.

So, that’s the current location and plans. Everything is fluid, though. The same as the water we float on – changes minute by minute.

Hugs to all,

Heather & Murray aboard Windswept IV

PS We made it to Titusville on Tuesday! Long day, but worth it. Now, we relax and visit friends. Tomorrow we celebrate Thanksgiving again – the American one. All the best to everyone. Love, Heather

Current Position

Just a quick note to let you know that we are moving again and also, back on pocketmail.

We left Ontario on Tuesday, Nov 9th and had an excellent trip to Beaufort SC. The trees were still in full colour through the southern states. We arrived at the boat on Thursday to find her in great shape. After loading on all the supplies obtained in Ontario and on the way down, we fell into our berth for a good nights sleep. The next day, we moved to boat down to a friend’s dock. Brian & Kathy Marsh ( from Tundra ) arrived a few days later. Then the party began!

Our car was driven on to Titusville FL by John & Eleanor Coulthard ( Kathy Marsh’s sister and brother-in-law ). They departed Beaufort on Sunday 14th and we untied our lines and slipped away on Monday.

The weather was cool but sunny and we had a great cruise through Georgia and into Florida. Currently, we are anchored by the Bridge of Lions in St Augustine FL and will likely stay here for the weekend. The waterway becomes very busy on the weekends with all the local boats out enjoying the water. So, we prefer to stay put.

The Juno address will still work and we will check it now and then. But, this one will get to us quicker.

Love to you all,

Heather & Murray aboard Windswept IV

Whoops!!! They don’t float!

Hello everyone,

Here we are, back on Juno. As the title suggests, the pocketmail has hit the drink and now the crabs and dolphins of Factory Creek can get ” on- line “. So, until we order another of those little gizmos, we will use the Juno account. Any mail that was sent in the last week was not likely received.

The last message that I wrote was after Irene’s passage. We scurried around that Monday morning and plowed a furrow out of Pecan Grove. As the wind was blowing strongly from the northwest, the water levels in that area of the Neuse were expected to drop and stay down for the next several days. We had been aground most of the way into the marina and needed to get out before the water dropped further. Frank & Sherri, from Random Run, drove us to the grocery for last minute items. The deal was also finalized for my kayak and it was stowed on deck with much muttering from the captain. Then, heading south again with the boat performing well under sail and power.

The anchorage that night was Spooner Creek, south of Beaufort NC. A lovely spot and we will definitely stay there again. The next morning the anchor was raised before 7 AM and also before the sunrise. It was beautiful, shining through the bridges behind us. Yes, we are heading more west than south right now! There were several bridges that day and they all had time restrictions. One opening was missed by 10 minutes, and we had to wait another 50 for the next opening. Due to bridge waits and the distance traveled, we didn’t get to the Wrightsville anchorage until dark. Not too much fun.

The next few days were un-eventful, up early, travel hard and anchor just at dusk. The miles were clicking off. It sure looks as though we can make Beaufort SC in time.

If fact, we arrived there about 5 days before the party. We had time to spend one night on Rick Butler’s dock in Brickyard Creek. What great people and wonderful hosts! One day was not enough, but I am sure we will see them again.

We anchored in Factory Creek at Beaufort on Sat Oct 23rd. The dingy was launched and motor attached. Then, laundry and shower stuff gathered and, of course, the pocketmail device to send some e-mail. When Meindert and Gayle returned, we went ashore to catch up on news etc. The e-mail was sent and received and the unit Ohhed and Awed over. The clean laundry was loaded in the dingy, along with the shower bags which contained glasses, shampoo, soap, a book, and the pocketmail device. As we backed from the dock, a line snagged the bag and it hit the water. I grabbed it quickly from the water’s surface. Everything is still inside…. the book is completely dry. But…. where’s the pocketmail??? Did I leave it inside? I hope!!! It was not to be – the pocketmail was gone. The only thing that was lost from the bag. Murray’s glasses were more expensive, so if I must chose one or the other, the choice is obvious.

The ” turkey’s” started to arrive on Tuesday. Gayle Wolff made her outstanding Frogmore Stew and the table was laden with good things to eat. Gayle had been catching crab from her dock and we clean and prepared crab dishes in many different ways. Brian and Kathy, from Tundra, arrived Wed and filled us all in on the status of their boat repairs. As you remember, Tundra fell off her stands during hurricane Floyd. It was a great “turkey” reunion and the ” gobbling” ( both talking and eating ) went on for hours.

Brian & Kathy were able to drive us to our car in Virginia and the four of us talked for many miles. It had been months and there was a lot of news to catch up. Tundra still needs much work before she is ready to touch the water again. But, they are optimistic that the Caribbean may still be the destination for the winter.

Murray and I arrived back in London Friday night and will probably be here for 10 days. We are at Linda’s again – 519-433-3097 . Steve’s grad takes place on Friday and the Yacht Club banquet is Sat. Then, on the road again!! Back to the boat and see if we can get the car to Florida.

Remember to write to Juno until further notice. And take care all. Keep warm.

Heather & Murray Rand
aboard Windswept IV
Ham Radio VE3 ZUA