Summer Days

Hello everyone,

I sure hope that it warmer where you are! It was quite hot last week, but today it is very cool here in the boathouse. I am wearing a sweatshirt and a coat over that. The breezes have been coming in from Georgian Bay which makes it cool near the water.

The Lodge has started to get busier and there are a few boats at our docks now. Tomorrow, we will be very busy as we expect 12 boats of varying sizes. They will, of course, all arrive at lunch time. And all together. We will run around like mad fiends for an hour or so and spend the rest of the day waiting for something to happen.

The black flies died out in that hot spell last week but the mosquitoes are as vicious as ever. Perhaps not quite as numerous but we still get dive-bombed in bed in the early morning hours. Hardly ever do we need the alarm to wake us as the mozzies do the job.

John & Angela Wellman, from Port Stanley, stopped in for a visit today and we had a great chat, catching up on our respective cruises. They have sold Penny Plain but brought Suffolk Punch back from Florida to continue sailing the North Channel. John & Angela are the main reason that we are cruising in the islands as they inspired us with their stories of places seen and beaches explored. It was wonderful to see them again.

Murray’s mom is back in the hospital in Woodstock due to a fall. Nothing seems to be broken, but she is having some rehab. Hopefully, she will be back to her old self very soon.

There is not much more news to relate from up here. We sure hope all is well in your piece of the world. Take care and stay in touch.

Hugs, Heather & Murray