Chub Cay to Nassau

Hi everyone,

We had spent four nights in Chub Cay at the marina. The wind was howling through the rigging the whole time. The group had got together three times at the little tiki bar/hut. Twice for pot-luck cocktail parties and once for a pot-luck dinner. Murray had bought some conch and I made a conch creole that was excellent. But, it was time to move on. The wind had finally died down Tuesday evening and everyone was making preparations to head out.

Wednesday dawned clear and sunny with a little breeze. We left the island and headed the 30 odd miles to Nassau. Motorsailing, again. But, the water was gorgeous and very deep – 1500 meters in one spot. We trailed our fishing line again but had no luck. One of the boats caught a 36 inch dolphin fish or mahi-mahi. He was thrilled as he said it had long been one of his dreams. They will eat well for many days. We arrived in Nassau at about 4 pm and there were two cruise ships in the harbour plus many other freighters etc. This is a very busy place. We got our two anchors down without much problem and then waited for the tide to switch to make sure everything was set well.

Murray invited everyone over for drinks – but our bar is pretty depleted. I provided snacks and everyone brought their own drinks. A different kind of cocktail party than is usual at home. We slept like logs that night. The fresh air and sunshine makes for early bedtimes.

On Thursday, we loaded into the dinghy and headed for a shore adventure. We walked to the base of Paradise Island bridge to the open air market to check out prices of produce. Then found a spot where we can send e-mail – $6 US! But that’s the only place around. We walked up a long hill to the grocery store and picked up some items that we could carry in the back packs and then walked into town. Some local boaters organize a luncheon every Thursday at the Sugar Reef. We are just in time for that. Then, off to the liquor supplier. Luckily, he will deliver to the dinghy dock. In fact, he even delivers us. Boy, are we pooped. We have walked many miles. Back to the boat to wash all the bottles before we bring them aboard. Also get rid of all cardboard that may harbour insects or insect eggs. I don’t want any un-invited guests aboard. Another cocktail party, on Lo n Slo this time. Just before sunset, the schooner Empire Sandy went out for a cruise with all sails up. What a lovely sight.

Now, it is Friday morning and the sky is a lovely blue again. Two ships have just entered the harbour – one cruise ship and a freighter. The traffic has begun again. The five mph speed limit seems only to apply to visitors. The local boats “go like hell”. Sometimes it is even difficult to walk around on our boat from the wave action. Today, we will send e-mail and visit the marine store and grocery store again. And perhaps get downtown to the straw market and the rest of the stores.

This will probably be our last contact for a while. Once we leave here, it will probably be difficult to connect to a phone.

Best to all and enjoy your spring/winter.

Heather & Murray Rand
aboard Windswept IV
Ham Radio VE3 ZUA
PS Please don’t send our whole message back to us with your reply as we
pay for telephone time at an outrageous rate here in the islands.