Hi everyone,

We are very much enjoying our stay in the Abaco Islands. The weather has been wonderful with sunny days and cool nights. The winds have been constant and allow us to move around freely. We have been to Green Turtle, Great Guanna, Man-of-War, Hope Town and Marsh Harbour. Our base has been Marsh Harbour. We return here for food and other supplies and to pick up guests.

Tom & Sheila Martin were aboard for 2 weeks and, I think, very much enjoyed their visit. We had a lot of fun and they walked our legs off all around these islands.

The water here is aquamarine in colour and the beaches are lovely fine white sand. We have found many lovely shells and have done some snorkeling on a few reefs close to shore and seen many bright coloreds fish. But we haven’t caught any fish here except for some very small ones. We ate them anyway and they were delicious.

The houses in the towns are painted in lovely pastels and are surrounded by well kept lawns. Many of the plants that grow in their yards are things we grow indoors at home – crotons, philodendron, Norfolk pines ( 80 ft high ), hibiscus etc. The people are very friendly and industrious.

We have had some crowded anchorages and some that were almost private, sharing with only one other boat. The holding has been mostly good and we have been able to get a good hook quite easily. The last few days, we have stayed in Marsh Harbour as I broke my glasses and are waiting for repairs.

Take care all and enjoy your spring. We hope to see you all sometime in late June or July.