Beaufort SC

We are enjoying the hospitality of Gail and Meindert Wolff here in Beaufort SC. We are ensconced on their dock and enjoying power, water and showers! The temperature here is in the low 70’s and we are back into shorts.

Halloween was spent in Beaufort NC with lots of trick-or-treaters going boat to boat. As it had turned cold, everyone was eager to press on southward.

We spent a few days in Carolina Beach on another “free” dock that we found out about from the crew of Sturdy Beggar. They have a condo in Carolina Beach but enjoyed the cruising life so much, that they are heading out again soon. Also in Carolina Beach, we had dinner with Mike, Laura, Erin & Shawna Perry. We met Mike and Erin while at anchor there on the way north. We spent a lovely evening with them in their home. Hurricane Bonnie had hit their area fairly hard. They had roof and water damage, but have repaired it already.

The adventures of the Canadian fleet continued into South Carolina with us no longer showing ” how”. Vertigo had learned quite well – they awoke one night on their side when the tide dropped, then dragged when the water came back and then picked up a crab pot when they started the engine! All in one go!! After the TowboatUS guy dove on the prop ( 4 hours later ) and we got underway, we decided a short day was in order and stayed at Barefoot Landing. It is a free dock at an outlet mall. Lots of cruisers there to talk to and share stories with. And even laugh at the morning woes.

We bypassed Georgetown and pressed on to Charleston. Here we paid for our first dock since being re-launched this September. We stayed at the Municipal Marina for one night and managed to see some sights, do laundry, wash the boats, fill all the water tanks, and purchase some grouper for a great dinner for both boats.

We left late the next morning, caught the bridges and carried the current for a while. Even leaving at eleven, we managed to make thirty plus miles before we anchored.

We arrived in Beaufort by noon the next day. Meindert & Gail were out, so Diane and I went to the store and got enough burgers and salad stuff for dinner for everyone. We received the mail pouch that Jeremy had forwarded. Now, I guess I have to balance my checkbook! We will stay here a few days and perhaps meet up with the Tundra crew.

Then, on to Georgia and Florida. We definitely will not make Melbourne for the Seven Seas get-together. Oh well – another year, maybe.

Yesterday was the ” big wind ” back home. I hope everyone survived it well and had minimal damage to their homes. It sounds as though winds reached 100 mph ! That’s hurricane strength!

Take care all. And keep warm.

Love Heather
Heather & Murray Rand
aboard Windswept IV
Ham Radio VE3 ZUA